Students say thank you to parents during PRSD's week-long 'Parents Matter Appreciation Week'

Students say thank you to parents during PRSD's week-long 'Parents Matter Appreciation Week'

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November 8, 2018-
Thousands of students in Peace River School Division (PRSD) are celebrating their parents and guardians next week during PRSD’s annual Parents Matter Appreciation Week.

The special week that runs from November 13 – 16, 2018 allows students to thank their parents and guardians for the important role they have in their learning and well-being. 

“Parents Matter Week is near and dear to Peace River School Division” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “Our students are so eager to express appreciation to their parents and we are happy to provide this opportunity for them. Parental involvement in education is so important and our parents and guardians deserve to be celebrated for all they do.”
Open houses, drive through breakfast and coffee events, family movie nights, sports games, and musical performances are some events and activities happening in PRSD schools this week. Schools are also planning events to bring parents into the classroom such as “student-for-a-day” where parents attend class with their child.  Several schools are creating videos where students express appreciation to their parents. The videos will be shared at school events, on school websites and school facebook pages.  

In addition, every PRSD student will be given class time to reflect and write messages of appreciation on specially created “Parents Matter” cards to give to their parents and guardians.

“Whether it is helping with homework, providing encouragement and praise, attending events, being on school council, cooking breakfast or packing lunches - this week is a way for students to say thank you to their parents and guardians for all they do” says Kuester. 

Parents Matter week was created because of the overwhelming appreciation students expressed when asked “How can parents be involved in student success?”  Hundreds of students responded to the online question in 2011 on PRSD's public engagement forum. 

“Students are very involved in planning and hosting Parents Matter events at the schools and we hope that parents and guardians are able to join in the celebrations” says Kuester. “On behalf of the board, thank you to our parents and guardians for all you do. You are important members of the Peace River School Division family and we hope that you enjoy this special week in celebration of you.” 

View the listing of events in PRSD schools below and watch for photos of school events on PRSD’s facebook page, instagram and twitter feed during the week. Links to PRSD's social media sites can be found on the PRSD website at 

Bear Canyon Colony School
Nov.15: 11am - Parents Matter Tea at the Colony

Cleardale Colony School
Nov.15: 11:15am – Parents Matter Tea at the Colony

Dixonville School
Nov. 15: 6:00 pm Parents will be treated to chili dinner in the school gym prepared and served by students and staff.

EE Oliver Elementary School
Nov. 14: 8-9 am Parents will be treated to special Parents Matter breakfast prepared and served by students and staff.

Fairview and Area Learning Store
Nov.14: The school is hosting a Parents Matter pizza luncheon for parents/guardians, students and staff

Fairview High School
Nov. 15: Parents will be provided with coffee and goodies during Parent/Teacher interviews.

Grimshaw Public School
Nov.15: Parent/Teacher interviews – GPS Foods class is preparing served snacks and refreshments for parent teacher interviews
Nov.16: “Dress like your parents day” – Students dress like their parents
Students will write messages of why Parents Matter which will be on display in the open area

Hines Creek Composite School
Nov.14: Parents will be greeted with hot chocolate and donuts as they drop their children at school
Nov.16: 6pm Family Night – Harvest Pot Luck Dinner with Cake Decorating Contest

Lloyd Garrison School
Nov.13: 8:45-10am “Coffee Break for Parents” – Tim Hortons coffee and muffins for parents/guardians (donated by Tim Hortons)
Nov.13 & 14 – Student led Parent Teacher interviews (4-7pm)
Nov 15: “Lunch with the Bunch” –parents/guardians are invited to join students and staff for lunch
Nov.16: “Muffin with a message” - students will deliver muffins to community stakeholders to say thank you for supporting the school

Manning Elementary School
Nov.13: 12:35pm Math games with Grade 1
Nov.13: 2:55pm Castel Ball with Grade 2
Nov.14: Report Cards go home – School Council meeting at 6:30pm
Nov.15: 12:35pm Writing with Grade 4
Nov.15: 3:00pm Dodgeball with Grade 6
Nov.15: Science Night with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
Nov.16: 10:45am Skating with Kindergarten
Nov.16: 11:25am Reading with Grade 3
Nov.16: 11:30am Math Centres with Grade 5
Nov. 16: 11:50am Chillin’ with the Parents – Chili dinner with parents/guardians

Menno Simons Community School
Nov.13: 4:00pm Special appreciation for School Council during School Council meeting
Nov.14: 4:00-6:00pm Student organized refreshment table at Parent Teacher Interviews
Parents Matter posters created by kindergarten to grade nine students will be displayed all week

Nampa Public School
Nov.14: 5:30 pm Parents Matter Community potluck supper

Paul Rowe High School
Nov.14: 4:30-7pm Parents and guardians will be provided with chili dinner during parent teacher interviews
Nov.14: 6:00 pm Parents vs. students volleyball game
Note: Parents can enter a draw to win a Raiders Gear Store certificate.

Peace River High School
Nov.14: Parent Teacher Interviews – student artwork will be on display and parents/guardians will enjoy snacks and refreshments prepared by students
Peace River High’s Visual Communication class will prepare a Parents Matter video to be posted on the school facebook page

Peace Regional Outreach Campus
Nov.14: 12:00 pm – “You Matter” Lunch

Red Earth Creek School
Nov.13: Parents can enjoy coffee and donuts at the school
Nov.14: Parents afternoon – parents are invited to come to their child’s class and do special activities with their child.
Nov.15: “Dress like your parent” Spirit Day
Nov.16: Parents vs. students – parents are invited to have a friendly competition with students

Springfield Elementary School
Nov.13: 12:30pm Parents Matter Week school assembly – parents are invited to attend
Nov.14: Special coupons go home for parents
Nov.15: Coffee and Timbits for parents/guardians in the morning (donated by Tim Hortons)
Nov.16: “Dress like your parent day” (occupation or favourite colors)
The school will also have photos of students and their families on display and a video will be made (and posted on the school facebook page) with Springfield Elementary students about why their parents matter.

TA Norris Middle School
Nov.15: Dress like your parent day
Nov.15: Student for a Day event – parents are the ‘student for a day in the classroom’ with their child
Nov. 16 Parents vs. students dodgeball games at lunch recesses

Worsley Central School
Nov.14: Coffee and snacks during Parent Teacher interviews
Nov. 15: Dress like your parent day
Nov. 16: Bring your parent to school day
Nov. 16: School-wide drama performance (Trickster)