Inclusive Education in PRSD - Letter from the Superintendent

Inclusive Education in PRSD - Letter from the Superintendent

October 29, 2018

As you may be aware, in mid-September, an individual in one of our school communities posted their personal views with respect to children with disabilities on a CBC social media page. These are obviously not the views of Peace River School Division (PRSD).

In Peace River School Division, we are guided by our mission statement, “Learning Together – Success for All” and we take great pride in providing inclusive, safe and caring environments for our students, staff and families.

All those involved with Peace River School Division; employees, trustees, students, parents, volunteers, contractors, and visitors are expected to share in the responsibility of fostering inclusive and safe environments and adhere to PRSD’s Policy 19 “Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environment.” When one fails to adhere to policy, an investigation is initiated and the appropriate disciplinary consequences are enforced. This policy is monitored and enforced by the Superintendent of Schools.

Inclusive, safe and caring environments, are where all individuals are treated with equality, dignity and respect, and are free from bullying, harassment, discriminatory, and violent behaviours. They are environments where differences are embraced, diversity is celebrated, and where respect, responsibility and integrity are present in all interactions.

Thank you for your important contributions toward creating a culture of inclusion and kindness in our school communities.



Paul C. Bennett
Superintendent of Schools
Peace River School Division