PRSD students exceed provincial averages on Government report card

PRSD students exceed provincial averages on Government report card

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June 25, 2018 –
During the regular board meeting held on June 19, 2018, the board of trustees reviewed Peace River School Division’s (PRSD) results from the Accountability Pillar Report (APR). PRSD is thrilled to report that ten of the twelve measures updated on the May 2018 APR have increased and in seven measures, PRSD exceeds provincial averages. PRSD’s First Nations Metis and Inuit APR results also exceed provincial averages in every measure.

“We share in this celebration of improvement and continued growth with our school communities” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “The improved results reflect the dedication of our students, staff, parents and the involvement and collaboration of our communities that bring increased support and opportunities for students.”

Specific areas of improvement on the report from May 2017 to May 2018 include:

 • 5 percent increase in “School Improvement”
 • 4.2 percent increase in “Citizenship”
• 3.9 percent increase in “Program of Studies”
• 3.5 percent increase in “Safe and Caring”
• 3.4 percent increase in “Rutherford Scholarship Eligibility Rate”
• 3.1 percent increase in “Education Quality”
• 2 percent increase in “Work Preparation”
• 1.3 percent increase in “Transition Rate”
• 0.6 percent increase in “Parental Involvement”
• 0.4 percent decrease in “Drop out-rate”

PRSD exceeded provincial averages in the areas of Safe and Caring, Program of Studies, Education Quality, Work Preparation, Citizenship, Parental Involvement and School Improvement. 

“With the exception of the First Nations Metis and Inuit report, the majority of the data on the May report is based on student, staff and parent input through surveys” says Kuester. “It is a great thing to be validated by our school communities and that PRSD exceeds provincial averages in seven of twelve measures updated in the May report tells us we are on the right track. We are thrilled to see our First Nations Metis and Inuit learners exceed provincial averages on the Provincial Achievement Tests, Diploma Exams, Drop-out Rate, Rutherford Scholarship Eligibility, High School Completion Rate and Transition Rate.” 

The APR is provided by Alberta Education and serves as a “report card” for the division. It contains test results, completion and transitional data and results from student, parent and staff surveys. The report is updated twice per year, once in October with provincial and diploma exam results and again in May with all other results and transitional data. 

PRSD continues to implement the Response to Intervention model that identifies student strengths, learning styles and specific learning needs. Student progress is frequently assessed in several ways and when required, instruction is adjusted. The division also remains focused on literacy and numeracy and the integration of Flexible Learning Environments in all PRSD high schools which has provided students with flexibility and greater ownership of their education. Wellness, technology integration, community partnerships, communication, and targeted professional development opportunities for staff are other examples of initiatives in PRSD.  Supports provided to both students and staff include the support of PRSD’s Youth Support Workers, Success Coaches, Mentor Coach, Inclusive Education coaches and contracted specialists. PRSD is also hiring two Social Workers to better support PRSD students starting this fall.

“Thank you to our students, staff, parents, community members and partnering organizations for your support and dedication to student success” says Kuester. “Our division is a community of supportive, dedicated, innovative individuals and organizations who together provide students with high quality educational opportunities – together we are thrilled to celebrate these great results with each and every one of you.”