Superintendent Message - Thank you

Superintendent Message - Thank you

As we approach the end of the 2017-2018 school year I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for another successful year. I am always so pleased to look back at the accomplishments of Peace River School Division staff and students and the support that we receive from our great communities.

Thank you to our students for everything that you teach us. Your creativity, enthusiasm and dedication to your schools and communities is inspirational. Your personal and collective growth and accomplishments throughout the year are a source of great pride. The positive impact that you have on those that surround you and your school is likely much greater than you think. Continue to practice kindness and leadership and to celebrate the diversity that makes each one of you special.

Congratulations to all of our 2018 graduates. You have reached an important milestone in your life and are about to embark on an exciting and challenging new journey. We are all very proud of your achievements and I wish you the best in all of your future endeavours. This is an opportunity to celebrate how far you’ve come, and to acknowledge how far you are capable of continuing to go. The future is wide open to you.

Thank you to our parents for your support and involvement. I recognize and appreciate the important role you play in your child’s education. I also realize that this role can look very different for different families. Whether it’s helping your child with homework or career planning, volunteering at the school, attending events, acting as a member of School Council, or attending parent teacher conferences and keeping connected with school staff – your contributions and involvement make a difference.

Thank you to our amazing staff – teachers, caretakers, support staff, educational assistants, learning coaches, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, mechanics and those in central office – each and every one of these important roles makes a difference. Your contributions and dedication to your job creates student success, and your support for your colleagues means we are all able to succeed. There are so many lessons to be learned both inside and outside of the classroom and you provide students with so many opportunities to grow into inspired and engaged citizens and community members. I am so grateful for the care, support and guidance that I see demonstrated every day in this division.

To our community members and organizations, we are very grateful for your involvement and support in our schools. Your participation demonstrates the importance of community and teamwork for our students. We are very thankful for your time spent volunteering, providing input, collaborating and forming partnerships throughout our school division that creates increased opportunities for students.

Students, staff, parents, community members and businesses, you are all an important part of the Peace River School Division family. Thank you for your hard work and endless contributions toward making our schools the great places they are to learn, grow, work and be.  Wishing you a fantastic summer!  

Paul Bennett
Superintendent of Schools