Grimshaw Public School's Allison Ferguson selected as PRSD's 2018 Edwin Parr Teacher Award Nominee

Grimshaw Public School's Allison Ferguson selected as PRSD's 2018 Edwin Parr Teacher Award Nominee

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April 26, 2018-
Peace River School Division is thrilled to announce that Allison Ferguson, educator at Grimshaw Public School (GPS) has been selected as PRSD’s nominee for the Edwin Parr First Year Teacher Award. The Edwin Parr Teacher Award recognizes first year teachers that demonstrate exemplary dedication and commitment in the field of Education. 

“It is such an honour to be nominated for this award” says Allison. “The support I have received from my school based mentor, our divisional mentor coach and all of the staff at Grimshaw Public has been incredible. I am very lucky and feel grateful to be teaching at Grimshaw Public School.”

Allison teaches a combined grade four/five class and in addition to her teaching assignments, Allison contributes on the school’s Guided Writing and Literacy Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). PLCs are brainstorming sessions among staff where they share ideas and expertise in various subject areas to enhance student success.
Allison also took the initiative to start an elementary reading club that meets weekly and helps with the school’s running club. She is eager to volunteer at school events and enjoys cheering for and supporting students at their out-of-school activities such as hockey games and figure skating events. She also works with the GPS Student Parliament Leadership Team to plan educational and extra-curricular events for the school and community.

“Allison is an amazing teacher and is very deserving of this nomination” says GPS Principal Adam Murray. “Her ability to provide engaging instruction that targets multiple learning styles is absolutely masterful, especially in her first year of teaching.  She is passionate about helping students reach their personal best, has wonderful relationships with students, staff and parents and is eager to get involved to help plan and volunteer with various school initiatives and events. Allison is a positive and inspiring influence to many and we are very happy she chose to teach at Grimshaw Public School.”

When students in her classroom were asked what makes her deserving of this award, Bode Milford and Grady Robertson were quick to respond.

“Somehow she makes math, science and social studies fun”  says Bode, grade 4 student.  “She deserves this award because she’s a fun, loving and awesome teacher.” Grady Robertson shared that “Miss Ferguson helps us work through things that are hard and she really cares for us. She does lots of different activities with us, like turning math questions into little games, and she makes learning fun.”

Allison graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education Degree with Distinction. Prior to obtaining her Education Degree, Allison traveled to Japan and worked as an assistant language teacher. This was when she realized she wanted to be a teacher.

“When I was working at the school in Japan, I quickly realized that I really enjoyed working with children” says Allison. “I loved the sense of community, the family-like feel of a classroom and knowing that I could have an impact on their lives. Seeing a student change and grow, it warms my heart so much. I love it, so I just want to keep inspiring joy, enthusiasm, passion and support them to do their best, and to do it with kindness. I feel it is so important to work hard and be kind to others.”

Students in Allison’s classroom also shared how she makes the classroom feel like a family.

“She calls us the family of fun Fergusons” says grade 4 student Bilee Stach,

Emersyn Shearer, grade 4 student says “We have meetings every Monday where we talk about the weekend, share with others and get to know our classmates better” and Fiona Quinney, grade 4 student says “She is kind, patient, energetic and fun – she loves and respects everyone.”

Each year, the Alberta School Board Association (ASBA) honours outstanding first-year teachers representing six zones throughout the province. Allison will be recognized at the PRSD Staff Awards Gala on May 4, 2018 and at the ASBA Zone One Awards Luncheon in the fall.

“On behalf of the Peace River School Division Board of Trustees, we congratulate Allison as the 2018 Edwin Parr First Year Teacher Award nominee for the division” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “We are very proud of Allison’s passion, enthusiasm and all she does to ensure students reach their full potential. We are grateful for her service to students and she is an important member of the Peace River School Division family.”