Parents Matter - Thousands of students celebrate parents and guardians during PRSD's Parents Matter Appreciation Week

Parents Matter - Thousands of students celebrate parents and guardians during PRSD's Parents Matter Appreciation Week

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November  9, 2017-
Thousands of students in Peace River School Division (PRSD) are celebrating their parents and guardians next week during PRSD’s Parents Matter Appreciation Week. The special week unique to PRSD allows students and staff to thank and highlight parents and guardians for the important part they play in student learning, success and well-being.

“It’s awesome to see the excitement as thousands of students express appreciation for their parents and guardians during this high-spirited and very important week of recognition” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “Our latest government survey results show that PRSD exceeds provincial averages in the area of parental involvement and this is a wonderful opportunity to thank them for all they do.”

Pancake breakfasts, video messages, bring your parents to school for a day, family fun nights, sports games, musical performances and various treats and crafts created for parents and guardians are a few ways students are showing their appreciation to their parents.

“PRSD thanks students and staff for their time, enthusiasm and creativity in planning Parents Matter events” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “A special thank you goes to parents and guardians for their important role in educational success. We hope that you enjoy this week dedicated to you.”

Parents Matter Appreciation Week was created in 2012 because of the overwhelming response of students during PRSD’s online engagement initiative that asked “How can parents be involved in student success?”  Hundreds of students responded with messages of appreciation for the ways their parents and guardians support and provide for them.

See the listing of events below and watch for photos of school events on PRSD’s facebook page and individual school facebook pages. View the listing of PRSD’s facebook pages here.  


Bear Canyon Colony School
Nov.16: 2pm - Parents Matter songs, activities and lunch

Cleardale Colony School
Nov.17: 2pm – Parents Matter songs, activities and lunch  

Dixonville School
Nov. 16: 6:00 pm Parents will be treated to chili dinner in the school gym prepared and served by students and staff.

EE Oliver Elementary School
Be sure to come to the school and check out the “Why Parents Matter” banner on display
Nov. 15: 8-9 am Parents Matter breakfast  

Fairview and Area Learning Store
Nov.14: The school is hosting a Parents Matter pizza luncheon for parents/guardians, students and staff

Fairview High School
Nov.13: 2:15pm Parents are invited to the “Celebration of Student Success” assembly in the afternoon.
Nov. 15: Parents will be provided with snacks prepared by students during Parent/Teacher interviews.
Note: Students are expressing their appreciation to their parents/guardians in a Parents Matter video to be featured on the school Facebook page during the week.

Grimshaw Public School
Nov.14: Parents will be served coffee and donuts as they drop off their children at school
Nov.15: “Dress like your parents day” – Students dress like their parents
Nov.15: Parent/Teacher interviews – parents will be served cake and coffee  

Hines Creek Composite School
Nov. 14: A special Parents Matter student created video will be posted on the Hines Creek Composite School website and facebook page
Nov.15: Parents will be greeted with hot chocolate and donuts as they drop their children at school
Nov.17: 6pm Family Night - Photo booth, movie, snacks and refreshments
Nov.17: 7pm Family Movie Night - “Cars 3”

Lloyd Garrison School
Nov.14: 8:30-10am “Coffee Break for Parents” – Tim Hortons coffee and muffins for parents/guardians (donated by Tim Hortons)
Nov 16: “Lunch with the Bunch” –parents/guardians are invited to join students and staff for lunch
Nov.17: “Muffin with a message” - students will deliver muffins to community stakeholders to say thank you for supporting the school

Manning Elementary School
Nov.13: 11:15am Kindergarten students and parents/guardians play the fiddle
Nov 14: 12:30pm Grade four students read with their parents/guardians
Nov 14: 2:25pm Parents enjoy music class with the grade two class
Nov.14: 3:00pm Dodgeball game - Parents/guardians vs. grade six class
Nov.15: 11:15am Parents enjoy music class with the grade four class
Nov.15: 11:45am Chillin’ with the Parents – Chili dinner with parents/guardians
Nov 15: 5-7pm Parent Teacher Interviews
Nov 16: 12:30pm  Parents/guardians play math games with the grade one class
Nov 16: 2:25pm Parents/guardians enjoy art and reading with the grade two class
Nov 17: 9am Parents/guardians enjoy making monogram art wit the grade five class
Note: The school is also hosting a book fair all week and parents/guardians have been invited to various classroom hosted activities as listed ablove.

Menno Simons Community School
Nov.14: 5pm Parents Matter Chili Cook-off

Nampa Public School
Nov.16: 5:30 pm Parents Matter Community potluck supper followed by a family fun gym night.

Paul Rowe High School 
Nov.15: 4-7pm Parents and guardians will be provided with chili dinner during parent teacher interviews 
Note: Parents Matter appreciation cards with student messages will be posted the school foyer during the week, parent appreciation messages will be posted on social media and students will hand out mints and magnets to parents and guardians.

Peace River High School
Nov.13: Students write in their parents matter appreciation cards
Nov.15: 10.15am Parents are invited to the “Celebration of Success” assembly where students, volunteers and parents will be celebrated
Nov.15: Parent Teacher Interviews – student artwork will be on display and parents/guardians will enjoy snacks and refreshments prepared by students

Peace Regional Outreach Campus
Nov.14: 12:00 pm – “You Matter” Lunch

Red Earth Creek School
Nov.13: Students participate in “Dress up as your parents” Day
Nov.14: Students decorate bulletin boards with messages of appreciation for their parents
Nov.15: 8:30-11:00am Parents Matter breakfast and coffee
Nov.16: 6:00 pm Family Movie Night
Nov.17: 2:30-3:30 pm Parents vs. students volleyball match at Back Lakes Arena

Springfield Elementary School
Nov.13: Coffee and Timbits for parents/guardians
Nov.16: “Dress like your parent day” (occupation or favourite colors)
Nov.17: Surprise for parents/guardians goes home with students

TA Norris Middle School
Nov.13: “All about my parent” – all students participate in activity highlighting their parents/guardian
Nov.14: Thankful Tuesday – students express gratitude for their parents/guardians on a flower and decorate bulletin boards with gratitude messages
Nov.15: “Dress like your parent day” – students dress like their parents (occupation or favourite colors)
Nov.16: 8:30-9am Hot chocolate and toast for parents/guardians served by students (Supplies donated by Peace Country Co-op)
Nov.16: Student for a Day event – parents are the ‘student for a day in the classroom’ with their child
Note: A “Parent/child selfie board” displaying selfies of students with their parent/guardian will be on display all week.

Worsley Central School
Nov.14: 8:00 am – Pancake breakfast for parents
Nov.15: Bring your parent to school day – parents are welcome to join their children at school
The school also make a “Why parents matter to me” video that will be played during Parents Matter events