Great 'report card' for Peace River School Division

Great 'report card' for Peace River School Division

Latest Alberta Education results show continuous improvement in PRSD schools  

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June 21, 2016 - The results are in and Peace River School Division (PRSD) is celebrating.  PRSD recently received the Accountability Pillar Results (APR) Report from Alberta Education with increases in several measures and in several cases, exceeding provincial averages.

“We are thrilled with the results” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “The May 2016 results are mostly based on the survey responses of students, parents and staff. To see increases in eight of eleven categories tells us that our schools are on the right track.”

The APR is provided by Alberta Education and serves as a “report card” for the division. It contains test results, completion and transitional data and results from student, parent and staff surveys. The report is updated twice per year, once in October with provincial and diploma exam results and again in May with survey results and transitional data. 

Specific areas of improvement on the report include:

                • 2.6 percent increase in “High School Completion within three years”
                • 2.5 percent increase in “Program of Studies”
                • 2.4 percent increase in “School Improvement”
                • 1.3 percent increase in ”Citizenship”
                • 1.3 percent increase in “Parental Involvement”
                • 1.0 percent increase in “Education Quality”
                • 0.3 percent increase in “Work Preparation”
                • 0.1 percent decrease in “Drop-out rates”                 

PRSD exceeded provincial averages in the areas of Parental Involvement by 5.1 percent, School Improvement by 3.5 percent, Work Preparation by 3 percent and Citizenship by .4 percent.  PRSD’s result in the Safe and Caring measure is identical to the provincial average and is maintained from last year’s result.

PRSD notes that although the divisional high school completion rate improved from 67.1 percent to 69.7 percent, it remains below the provincial average of 76.5 percent and remains a high priority area for the division.

“We are continually transforming teaching and learning practices that allow for greater student engagement, flexibility, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking for our students” says Kuester.  “The world is changing and it is important that we continue to evolve our teaching and learning methods to provide our students with what they need to reach their full potential and ensure they are prepared for their adult life. The different models we have integrated to help us on this path are showing great results.”

For example, PRSD has integrated the Response to Intervention model in all schools, continues to advocate for, model and integrate wellness into day-to-day school operations through PRSD’s Wellness Policy and in September 2016, PRSD implemented Flexible Learning Environments in all PRSD High Schools.  Flexible Learning Environments provide students with a set time during the school day to get specialized help, complete assignments, obtain post-secondary planning advice, and to meet for various committee and club meetings. Flexible Learning Environments empower students to make educational decisions based on their specific needs.

Community partnerships, innovation, professional development opportunities for staff, safety and communication continue to be a focus for the division. PRSD provides a first class framework of supports for students and staff through Youth Support Workers, Success Coaches, Learning Coaches, Technology Coach, Mentor Coaches, Inclusive Education coaches and contracted specialists.

“We share in this celebration continued growth with our school communities” says Kuester. “The improved results reflect the dedication of our students, staff and parents and the involvement and collaboration of our communities that bring increased support and opportunities for students. On behalf of the board of trustees, thank you to our school communities for your support in education –together we make a difference in the lives of our students and staff. “