Technology Services Helpdesk - Dial 10600

If you are experiencing a technology-related problems or have any technology related questions, please contact the Technology Services Helpdesk at extension 10600.

You can also call the Technology Services Helpdesk at 1-780-624-3515 from an external line. 

Learning and Technology Plan 2016 - ­2017

Peace River School Division’s new Learning and Technology Plan has been developed in support of the 5 Policy Directions in the Learning and Technology Policy Framework.  

It can be viewed on here: Learning and Technology Plan 2016-17

Scheduled Events

Occasionally Technology Services, or one of our service providers, need to perform repairs, maintenance or upgrades to network equipment and services. Depending on the nature of the task, we schedule these events during non-instruction hours, weekends, release days or holidays.

We will provide as much notice as possible for any scheduled events. 

Unscheduled Events

We have implemented network monitoring tools to alert us to service disruptions as they occur during the instructional day.
Once we have been alerted to a network problem, we analyze the problem to ascertain its cause and determine if it can be resolved within 15 minutes. If it can, the problem is resolved and no notification is sent to users.

If a problem has not been analyzed within 15 minutes or it has been determined by the Technology Services, or one of our service providers, that the problem can not be resolved within 15 minutes a notice is sent out to users. If e-mail messages can reach the majority of (unaffected) users then it is posted via e-mail and the affected users are contacted by telephone. If not, the notice is delivered via facsimile to both affected and unaffected users.