The Facilities Department provides maintenance programs and services to the Division's schools, houses, garages and offices under the management of Mr. John Przybylski, from two workshops located in Fairview and Peace River.

The Facilities Department is responsible for all facility repair, maintenance, and upgrading under a variety of Government funding programs. It also provides custodial care for all facilities either by in house staff or by contracted service.

The Facilities Department strives to work with the school and building administration to ensure that buildings are safe, clean and warm. If a problem or emergency should arise, we encourage the building administration to contact us in any of the following manners:

Furniture and Equipment

Each school or site is responsible for the following items:

  • Cafeteria - all maintenance
  • Clocks
  • Electrical Modifications - to provide power to new program equipment
  • Equipment - needed to support a program (i.e. stoves for Home Ec.)
  • Flags - interior
  • Furniture - Free Standing (including repairs and moving)
  • Game Lines for track field
  • Glass Basketball Backstops
  • Gym Equipment
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs
  • Home Ec. & I.A. Equipment - including magnetic switches and installation to sub panel
  • Intercom and Bell Systems
  • Playground Equipment - new installations, replacement and Adventure playground repairs
  • Score Clocks
  • Stage Drapes - Including cleaning and fire proofing
  • Stage Lighting Systems
  • Stage Sound Systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • Vending Machines - Including hook-up costs
  • Portable Stages
  • Window Drapes/Blackout Curtains - Where roll-shutters are provided
  • Overhead Screens - Purchase/installations and relocations
  • Relocating whiteboard/chalkboards
  • Pictures/School Memorabilia - Installation or relocation

If you would like the Facilities Department to provide work for any of the above, please send in a work request.

Security System Monitoring

The Peace River School Division contracts out the monitoring of Security Systems. Each school or building must provide at least 3 contact persons for the Contractor to contact in case of emergency.
Any changes, such as additions or deletions must go through the Facilities Department.
Complete the following form:

The contracted monitoring services is:

Northern Digital Services
If you need to contact them in case of a false alarm, you can call:
Toll Free: 1-877-888-2527

If you are having problems with your security system, ie; unable to arm or if there is a trouble signal, please contact the Facilities Department.

Alberta Fire Code Fire Drill Procedures

1) The procedure for conducting fire drills shall be determined by the person in responsible charge of the building, taking into consideration
a. the building occupancy and its fire hazards,
b. the safety features provided in the building,
c. the desirable degree of participation of occupants other than Supervisory staff,
d. the number and degree of experience of participating supervisory staff,
e. the features of fire emergency systems installed in buildings within the scope of Subsection 3.2.6. of Division B of the Alberta Building Code 2006, and
f. the requirements of the fire department. Fire Drill Frequency

1) Fire drills as described in Sentence shall be held at intervals not greater than 12 months for the supervisory staff, except that
a. in day-care centres and in Group B major occupancies, such drills shall be held at intervals not greater than one month,
b. in schools attended by children, total evacuation fire drills shall be held at least 3 times in each of the fall and spring school terms, and
c. in buildings within the scope of Subsection 3.2.6. of Division B of the Alberta Building Code 2006, such drills shall be held at least every 6 months.

2) The person in charge of a building shall maintain and make available to the fire department a written record of all fire drills held in accordance with this Sections, showing
a. the date of the drill,
b. the evacuation time, and
c. comments and recommendations.

3) The record required by Sentence (2) shall be retained in conformance with Article of Division C.

Article Division C

3) Records of tests, inspections, maintenance or operational procedures undertaken after the initial tests referred to in Sentence (2) shall be retained so that at least the current and the immediately proceeding records are available.

4) Notwithstanding the conditions stated in Sentence (3), no record shall be destroyed within two years of being prepared.

Garbage Disposal

The Peace River School Division contracts waste removal for many of its schools.

There are some exceptions where another contractor or the Town looks after waste removal: Manning, Dixonville, Hines Creek, Worsley, Menno Simons and Bear Canyon.

The following is the contracted waste removal company:

Waste Management